Thursday, March 17, 2011

OpeationsLeakS Open Letter To All from Ex-BofA Employee

OperationLeakS website:

What Bank of America seems not to understand as they continue to underestimate me is that I’ve already read their plan of action against me. Anonymous leaked it for the world to see months ago. While “Anonymous” BofA executives huddle together and cower behind their corporate logo, hoping their corporate name can withstand a greater shitstorm than mine, we’ve both been reading the exact same battle plan. Don’t be fooled by press releases. The HB Gary plan cost a lot of the money from their piggy bank, and they’re not ones to let their own money go to waste.

To those at BofA that are plotting against me:

I’m not afraid of you. I’m not some distant, unapproachable eccentric like Julian Assange. Sensationalize all you want, but your employees all know me, and they’re slowly starting to figure out why it is you did what you did to me. I live in your backyard. Drag my name through the mud all you want. I can take it. I’ve got more friends in more high places than you think. While the media races to be the first to report any story they can about me to make their money, I’m neither making nor losing money on this. You took my statement of “I’ve got nothing to lose” as meaning I’m desperate and lonely. Get the facts straight. I’ve got a large family that’s been supporting me this entire time. I’ve got friends in places you can’t even imagine. My community knows me, and the bonds I’ve formed are backed by love, not money. When will you ever learn? I know you don’t put your personal name on your statements because you fear the legal action that will be taken against you. You do not want to be made the scapegoat for your own actions.

To my fellow Americans, struggling to hold on to your house or car:

Hang in there. Help is coming. While you may not yet fully understand the full impact of the lesson I have been and will continue teaching, you will benefit from it soon enough. Throughout all of the misquoted garbage I’ve read and seen thus far, the people the message was meant for are starting to get it:

Make no mistake. It was not just some overnight and irrational decision I made to create this blog and begin talking. I don’t put anything in writing for you that I’m not willing to back up and prove. I’m not in jail because I followed the rules as I will continue to do.

Ignore the hype. Disregard the sensationalism. Learn the facts. They’re easy to see for those willing to look.

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