Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biloxi Buzz for Thursday

Clinton says no to second term  —  (CNN) - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN's Wolf Blitzer she does not want to serve a second term as secretary of state or run for president of the United States.  —  Blitzer sat down with the former 2008 presidential candidate in Cairo.  —  Full transcript:
U.S. Officials Alarmed By Japanese Handling of Nuclear Crisis  —  U.S. Officials Fear Fukushima Could Become ‘Deadly For Decades’  —  U.S. officials are alarmed at how the Japanese are handling the escalating nuclear reactor crisis and fear that if they do not get control of the plants within …

Hillary Clinton Would Not Serve Second Term In Obama Cabinet

House Ag Committee: Cut Food Stamps, not Farm Aid  —  There has long been rare left-right agreement in Washington that multi-billion dollar federal farm subsidies are generally wasteful, mostly benefit agribusinesses, and should be slashed or eliminated.  You'd think this would represent low-hanging fruit

Planting Season: Michelle Obama Gets the White House Garden Ready for Spring  —  ABC News' Sunlen Miller, Kristina Bergess and Amy Bingham report:  —  With spring approaching, First Lady Michelle Obama replanted the White House garden for the third time this afternoon.

‘Sagging pants’ bill passes House committee  —  Seems the best way to sell legislation these days is that it'll be good for the economy.  That's how Rep. Hazelle Rogers (D-Lauderhill) pitched her so-called “sagging pants” bill to members of the House's K-20 education innovation subcommittee today.

Washington Post apologizes for plagiarized articles  —  The Washington Post apologized Wednesday for publishing two articles in March that “contained substantial material that was borrowed and duplicated, without attribution, from The Arizona Republic newspaper.”
Last week's poll had asked:

Should government hire the unemployed? JL readers answered maybe. This week's poll is now up.

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