Monday, May 14, 2012

Robo-Signing Found At Foreclosure Mill Run By Michigan State Rep’s Brother

MFI Miami:

Since MFI-Miami began exposing robo-signing by Michigan foreclosure mills eighteen months ago, one law firm has managed to stay off the radar until now and the managing partner has a sister who is a Democratic state Representative who sits on the committee overseeing foreclosure legislation.

MFI-Miami has discovered multiple affidavits and mortgage assignments dated from April, 2010 through May 2011 from multiple Register of Deeds offices through out Michigan, allegedly signed by Jason Canvasser, a Michigan attorney who once worked at the law firm of Randall S. Miller and Associates in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Randall S. Miller and Associates is the fifth largest foreclosure mill in the country and they handle foreclosures in California, Indiana, Michigan and Minnesota. Jason Canvasser left Randall S. Miller and Associates in July of 2011 is now with Kupelian Ormond & Magy, P.C., a commercial litigation firm. As you can see, the signatures are very different and the pattern seems to fit the typical foreclosure mill business model.

Jason Canvasser Signatures Miller’s law firm has been able to stay off the MFI-Miami radar when it comes to robo-signing because except for Michigan, he does business in three states MFI-Miami does very little or no business unlike Trott & Trott or Orlans. Unlike David Trott or Linda Orlans, Miller’s firm has been relatively low key about their political contributions and connections. Linda Orlans, who as the President of the Michigan Chapter of the Koch Brothers’ faux non-profit, Americans for Prosperity has lavished money on GOP candidates and has entertained high dollar fundraisers for Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson at her mansion in suburban Detroit. David Trott is currently the Michigan Finance Chair for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Trott, his wife and his staff have given nearly $25,000 to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. Together Orlans and Trott have raised nearly $250,000 for both Johnson, Schuette and the Michigan Republican Party. Miller doesn’t need to throw money around like Rich Uncle Moneybags to have an impact on legislation. He has an ace-in-the-hole that he’s been able to keep pretty quiet about until now. Miller’s sister is Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) who currently sits on the Michigan House Judiciary Committee. The same committee that debates and approves foreclosure related legislation before it goes to the full Michigan House of Representatives. Last year, during the debate to change Michigan’s foreclosure laws we heard nothing out of Brown or the Democratic caucus.

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