Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday The Dead Rabbi Was Wrongfully Foreclosed On, Tuesday The Dead Rabbi’s HOA Settles With US Bank

The cool thing about owning MFI-Miami is that I get to work with some really smart litigators who not only bring me high profile cases but they usually think outside the box like I do. If you are a regular reader to this site you know I love attacking banks with unorthodox strategies especially when these strategies have the potential of setting legal precedent.

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You're in violation of my copyright on this article again. Either limit it to 2 paragraphs with a link back to my site or remove it. If you do not comply I will have my attorney draft a letter to blogspot and have them remove your site for continual copyright violations.

Steve Dibert

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SP Biloxi

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The problem is now fixed by Google. Received an email. So, the posting only has one paragraph and linked to your site. As mention, I will no longer posting any more articles on Blogger as I switched to Wordpress.

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