Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I-Team: Former U.S. Attorney Questioned on Robo-Signing, Represents Lender Processing Services

State Senator Greg Brower joined a near unanimous vote last year in a high-profile bill combating robo-signing. The Reno-area Republican is in one of the most competitive races in the state. The power balance at the state capital is at stake. But perhaps, more important, a clear answer From Brower on the question: Is robo-signing good or bad?

There are Nevadans who don't know if they own their own homes. Bill Campbell is one of them.

"I don't own the home I bought three years ago. I made payments faithfully and on time until just recently when it was confirmed I don't own the house I bought."

Tanya Butterfield also considers herself a victim of robo-signing. She couldn't short sell the family home because there was no clear title. Instead, she declared bankruptcy.

"It's where my son, we brought him home there, it was his first home."

Brower is Nevada's former U.S. Attorney. He's now a partner at a private law firm paid to represent Lender Processing Services. Nevada's attorney general sued that company for what the state calls the largest case of illegal robo-signing. Brower's fellow attorneys filed a court paper which states robo-signing is not illegal; it is expressly permitted, and is not forgery.

The I-Team wanted to see if Brower himself supports robo-signing. At first, he told us, on the phone, he had nothing to do with the high-profile robo-signing case. The I-Team wanted Brower to explain his position. His office canceled one interview and postponed several times. Finally the I-Team caught up to Brower at a Las Vegas legislative hearing at the end of the lunch break.

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