Monday, April 30, 2012

More Court Documents Released in George Zimmerman Case

Here is the Florida state's motion for a gag order in the George Zimmerman case. The Court's minutes from April 29 state the motion was not "entertained."

As to the discovery, the Court's minutes say that requests for access will be made on a "case by case" basis. The minutes state:

The State's Motion for Gag Order Was Filed in Open Court. Attorney O’Mara Waived Defendant's Appearance For the Purposes of this Hearing

Attorney O’Mara Addressed the Court Regarding the State's Motion. The Court Did Not Entertain the State's Motion for Gag Order at this Time.

Attorney O’Mara Made an Ore Tenus Motion to Have Discovery Remain Sealed as it pertains to the Witnesses Names and Addresses. State Attorney Addressed the Court on the Ore Tenus Motion.

Attorney Ponce for the Media Submitted Case Law and Argument on the Defense Ore Tenus Motion.
The Court Orders the Matter Will Be Addressed on a Case-by-case Basis.

The April 23rd unsealing order pertained only to the Court's file, not discovery in the prosecutor's file, which is made available under Florida's public records law. It ordered names and addresses be redacted from the Court file.  Also, George Zimmerman's lawyer has established this website to keep the public informed of its positions and respond to inquiries.

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