Sunday, April 22, 2012

Local soldier credits media coverage for getting $25,000 back from Bank of America

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - U.S. Army Reservist John McDevitt of Clayville picketed the Bank of America in Utica back on Saturday, March 31st.

He says that picketing led to media coverage which he believes has led to him getting more than $25,000 back from Bank of America.

Back in November of 2010, he was stationed in Afghanistan and took his two week leave to go somewhere he'd always wanted to go, Athens, Greece.

McDevitt says he went to a nightclub and used his debit card to buy a couple of drinks, and when he got back to Afghanistan and checked his Bank of America account online, the nightclub had rung up six charges for a total of $25,260,83.

McDevitt was protesting because he says the Bank of America let these unauthorized charges go through, and B-of-A wouldn't give him his money back. The bank saying in a final statement just days before he decided to protest that he had to deal with the nightclub himself.

Two days after his protest, on Monday April 2nd, NEWSChannel 2 did a followup story and contacted some local financial experts to get their take, they said Bank of America was in the right, legally.

McDevitt says just a couple of days later he received a call from Bank of America. He said, "that Wednesday, they called me and said we just got out of a meeting and we've come to the determination that we were going to help you out, we were going to give you back your money and stuff like that. I was kind of shocked. I really didn't think so."

The check cam about a week later, and today, he walked into First Source Federal Credit Union's headquarters in New Hartford, and deposited his $25, 260.83 check for the full amount that was taken from his account back in November, 2010.

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