Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Biloxi Buzz for Tuesday

British Businessman Allegedly Poisoned To Protect Top Chinese Politician's Wife

In Senate, Republicans Block Debate on ‘Buffett Rule’ — WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans on Monday blocked a move to open debate on the so-called Buffett Rule, ensuring that a measure pressed for months by President Obama and Senate Democrats to ensure that the superrich pay a tax rate …

Zimmerman's lawyer: I want a new judge — George Zimmerman's attorney on Monday asked the judge in the case to step down because of a possible conflict of interest. — On Friday, O'Mara told Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler he was on the verge of asking her to step aside.

World Bank Taps Obama Nominee As New Leader

Supreme Court Rejects Enron Exec's Appeal

Last week's poll had asked:

Do Regulators Really Have the Power to Let Banks Fail? JL readers answered yes. This week's poll is now up.

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