Sunday, April 29, 2012

Biloxi Buzz for Sunday

Obamas Get Highest Honor For Tackling Vet Homelessness

New Rules Mean Chaperones For Some Secret Service Agents

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KittyBowTie1 said...

The cat was out of town and is way behind--the cat assumes everyone already saw the alleged $30 million embezzlement out of Dixon, Illinois, Reagan's boyhood home by the comptroller/horse farm owner.

The cat does not think that pit bulls would be yummy, probably too stringy and tough.

Well, the same country founded by the descendants of the Puritans who got kicked out of England because they were too prudish now took away all the Secret Service's fun. The cat suggests a career change for the Secret Service to MI6, where the un-prudish Brits do not care what its spies do in their off time, what kind of clothing they like to wear, and accept them for who they are, just so long as they do a good job and do not die after allegedly having some fun.