Sunday, February 12, 2012

Petition to NY Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg to stop the cover-up of the death of whistleblower Sunny Sheu

Here is the text of the petition...

Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg:

Anti-corruption Whistle blower Sunny was abducted by two NYPD detectives of the Queens DA bureau and threatened with death if he "went to the authorities".

Soon thereafter, Mr. Sheu was found near death, in a coma on a dead end street in Flushing Queens.

Hours after his death, the NYPD illegally removed his body and sent it to the Medical Examiner with a note saying he had died of natural causes and that there was "no criminality".

The Medical examiner disagreed, ruling the cause of death "Blunt force trauma to the Head with skull fractures and brain injuries." and the manner of death "undetermined", making a criminal investigation mandatory.

-The NYPD is violating NY State law by failing to investigate an "undetermined" death.

-The NYPD is violating NY State FOIL law by withholding information about Mr. Sheu's death.

We demand an immediate, full, transparent investigation by an independent prosecutor and prosecution of all involved, including NYPD personnel

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