Wednesday, February 01, 2012

And the winner of the Florida primary is... Open thread

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Pip pip Cheerios Willard beat Lizard man Newtie.


Third Generation Chicago Native said...

This GOP who not only had a mistress with one ailing wife, but 2 is not dead yet. Just like McCain looked like dead meat, he had money thrown at him to continue.

The amount of money Newt spent in Florida was amazing. But it did not do him any good.
The GOP does not have a good solid front runner.

Just this morning I heard that the women in Florida don't like Newt...go figure a guy that had mistresses while both of his ex's were down and out. Does he think this won't affect the women's votes?

But the rich old farts (Good old Boys club) will throw more money at Newt and he will be in for a while.

Not that I think Romney and his gazillions is any more in touch with the rest of the country.

SP Biloxi said...

Good analysis, Third!

Third Generation Chicago Native said...

How are you doing

SP Biloxi said...

I'm doing good. Hanging in there but busy.