Sunday, March 20, 2011

OperationLeakS response to US Treasury second email

Yes, the U.S. Treasury sent a second email to OperationLeakS. Check out the response. By the way, OperationLeakS does not black out the person's name which, by the way, her name is Susan Lynn. Here it is:

Big mistake by the government official to ask where OperationLeakS is located from the first email. I really doubt that OperationLeakS will reach out to anyone from the government to expose BofA. Right now, with all of the non-accountability, cover-up, and turning a blind eye to the banks' abuses, the government is certainly not trusted at this point.


OperationLeakS just tweeted this response to U.S. Treasury official:

A message to #US #Treasury: If you really want BofA emails tell Obama to sign Bradley Manning out of Quantico Marine Base ASAP #Retweet

less than a minute ago via web

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