Monday, February 28, 2011

Estero woman's foreclosure trial continued

The Estero resident believes she has two opponents: the bank and the judicial system.

She makes two claims:

• That OneWest Bank of Pasadena, Calif., is using fraudulent documents, including a promissory note and affidavit, in its attempt to foreclose.

• That she was denied due process because of the Lee County "rocket docket" and shortcuts it takes to bulldoze through backlogged foreclosures as fast as possible.

"If the rule of law actually followed in this case they'd have to give me my house (and) write off the loan," she said.

Her plight mirrors that of 13,155 Lee County residents facing foreclosure. At the height of the backlog in December 2008, there were 24,372 cases in the pipeline.

Linda Bassett’s foreclosure trial was continued by Judge McIver to March 22.

McIver told the Estero resident, who is defending herself in the case, that she has 10 days to find an attorney. Otherwise, the trial will proceed on March 22 with Bassett acting as her own counsel.

Bassett asked for the continuance after the Rev. Wayne Robinson, pastor of All Faiths Unitarian Church in Fort Myers, came to court and spoke to her just before the trial, saying he knows of an attorney who could help her.

The attorney, Howard Freidin, of law firm Freidin & Inglis of Fort Myers, has agreed to meet with Bassett on Friday.

“These are difficult times,” Freidin said. “The judges are charged with resolving these as quickly as possible and sometimes things are overlooked.”

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