Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charlie Rose show: A conversation with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

A great interview with Geithner and Congress on Capitol Hill should take notes. :)

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airJackie said...

I saw the interview and this clears up alot. Charlie Rose isn't an Economist yet he asked intelligent questions and asked for Tim to explain when he didn't understand. The reason by the hearing have gone bad for Tim is because the Law Makers haven't read the plan and aren't intelligent enough to ask the right questions. Most Law Makers have their aides do their work and all they do is talk and drink. John Boehner was drunk when President Obama gave his speech on TV and Nancy Pelosi had belted a few herself and was high as a kit. No wonder Rahm Emanuel suggested drinks on Wednesday. Get this feel loaders drunk and you get all the information you need.