Monday, June 23, 2008

A toe-tapping tribute to Dubya's legacy. Open Thread.

By popular demand and very much appropriate now. What is the ABBA song "Waterloo" about? "Waterloo" is about a girl who is about to surrender to romance, as Napoleon had to surrender at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. And what was the Battle of Waterloo?:

The Battle of Waterloo, fought near the town of Waterloo in Belgium on Sunday 18 June 1815, was the decisive battle of the Waterloo Campaign, and Napoleon Bonaparte's last. Waterloo marked the end of the period known as the Hundred Days, which began in March 1815 after Napoleon's return from Elba, where he had been exiled after his defeats at the Battle of Leipzig in 1813 and the campaigns of 1814 in France. The defeat put a final end to Napoleon's rule as Emperor of the French.

And I hope come November that the American people put a final end and nail in King George Bush, the Waterloo Emperor of U.S.A. Enjoy!


berto xxx said...

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berto said...

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SP Biloxi said...

Thanks Berto! Welcome to Justice League. Hope you come back again!

airJackie said...

There will be many surprises to come for GW as he begins to leave the White House. Crime never pays and the evil this man has put upon the USA and other countries will be his down fall. Just because he's no longer President doesn't mean he can't be charged by the United Nations of the War Crimes his Administration committed. The US Law Makers might not have the back bone to do the right thing but the United Nations will.