Friday, May 04, 2007

Update: LaVena Johnson autopsy findings on air on KMOV

Seems like the media is not focus on this story about Pfc. LaVena Johnson who was killed in Iraq in 2005. I will continue to follow the story as the Johnson family seek answers into LaVena's death.

Here is the latest:

The Army claimed that Pfc. LaVena Johnson killed herself in Iraq in 2005; LaVena's parents maintain that their daughter was murdered. Last week, the Johnsons had LaVena's body exhumed for autopsy. St. Louis CBS affiliate KMOV-TV (channel 4) will air a report on the autopsy findings tonight at 10 pm Central. The promo for the report is available on the station's website. The full report will likely be posted there after the broadcast.

KMOV was the news station whose report on the LaVena Johnson story in February sparked renewed attention to the case.

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